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Woohyun x Eunji

Color Meme: Black and White

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{SHIPS} - WOOJI - Infinite's Woohyun & APink's Eunji
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Confused e____o#
WooJi ? DaeJi ? Lol

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Woohyun & Eunji Venus
 ↳ asked by anonymous

Unlike other girls your outta this world
Even all the angels have bowed before you
This can only happen in dreams
A goddess has formed in front of my eyes
These stars all dance around you all night I’m crazy about you
Don’t ever never leave me you’re my love my love Venus


Woohyun & Eunji Rainy Days
↳ asked by anonymous

It’s falling endlessly - the rain in my eyes
I miss you so much - you, who has left
I tried calling out to you but it was muted by the sound of the rain
I miss you but it was shadowed by the drops of rain
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